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Waterproof and Water Resistant Watches

May 25, 2017
Helix House


Watches come in all different colors, shapes, sizes, materials, and even have different purposes. After all, there are regular band watches, pocket watches, and even smart watches. But how much do you know when it comes to caring for and protecting your watch?

Here are some common terms that involve caring for and protecting your watch that you might regularly overlook, and what they mean…

“Waterproof” watches:

In all reality, no watch is ever completely waterproof. While some do better in water than others, nothing is ever truly waterproof. Regardless, if your watch is said to be waterproof, rather than water resistant, then it is definitely okay to hop in a pool or the shower with your watch. What this really means is that your watch is less likely to have water permeate through the surface from a leak etc. In effect, waterproof watches are both leak and water resistant. However, this does not guarantee that there will not be an issue with the watch in the future if you ever submerge it in water.

“Water resistant” watches:

It is important that you be careful with your watch around water if it has this stamp. Water resistant is not the same as waterproof, and getting your water resistant watch too wet will definitely cause damage to it. If your watch is water resistant, it is okay to wash your hands with your watch on, but it is suggested you do not do much more than that when it comes to water and wearing your watch. Just like waterproof watches, water resistant watches are protected against humidity, meaning that if it gets splashed with rain, water, etc. your watch will more than likely be okay.

It is also important to note that each waterproof or water resistant watch is part of a larger rating system. Depending on what your watch is stamped with will help to determine the amount of water or moisture that is safe for the watch.