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Wedding Bands for Women and Men, Does Gender Dictate Style?

April 16, 2018
Helix House

Wedding Bands for Women

Wondering what makes a wedding band for women? Is the ring you have your eye on usually a man’s style? It can be a confusing thing to dive into if you have no experience with it. Not to mention the price that goes with them makes the decision process even more nerve wracking. That’s what we are here for! So stop that worrying and read on. We will detail the differences between engagement and wedding bands for women, the style differences between men and women’s rings and a good bit more.

Engagement vs. Weddings Bands for Women: What’s the Difference

Obviously the two types of rings are used for different purposes. An engagement ring is offered at proposal while the wedding ring does not get put on the finger until the ceremony. If you are considering popping the question then this ring is the one you are actively shopping for. Engagement rings are traditionally much more elaborate and intricate, a pretty band with a diamond or other gemstone. In short, the kind of ring that your beloved will be wowed by.

Wedding rings on the other hand are much more subdued. They may still have precious stones or diamonds, a simple, plain gold or platinum band may be the choice if the engagement ring is more extravagant. Wedding bands are the precursor to the wedding ring of today. They are both simple as well as elegant, but the ring can be more stylized than a band.

A wedding ring will often be worn with the engagement ring, however it should always be placed toward the bottom of the same finger. Why? Rings are symbols. They stand for the eternal love between two people and the wedding ring is the ultimate version of that message. So, you wear the wedding band closer to the base of the finger, and closer to the heart. Nothing is between you and your love.

The trend of wearing the wedding band and engagement ring has increased the popularity of stackable bands as well.

Now What about Men vs. Women’s Rings?

It’s a logical question after all. There are men’s shoes, women’s shoes, clothing is different by genders and styles, surely then wedding rings are gender specific right? Not really. Traditionally, people assume there is a gendered styling to their wedding jewelry. That is just a byproduct of taste.

Men tend to gravitate towards thicker rings, usually around 6mm while women tend to prefer 4mm. Does this mean that thicker rings are men’s rings? No, not at all! It’s just what we see in purchasing patterns. Some shoppers will decide on a narrow, less flashy band while others who prefer statement jewelry may opt for a thick 12mm band. Even stones on the ring have made an uptick in popularity for men. Usually a single or three stone setting at most.

The traditional stylings of rings men prefer include brushed or satin finishes. Perhaps this is because the polished look reminds them of more ‘feminine’ jewelry or they simply want to not have to worry about scratches.

There are reasons that people gravitate more towards certain bands but there is no gender marker that makes it mandatory.

The important thing when shopping for your wedding band is whether or not you like it. This is your ring, your symbol of your love. The important thing is for you to love the way it looks. You will be wearing it every day of your life, you should love your ring too. If you are in the Tucson area searching for your future fiancé’s, or your own ring, get in contact with us or visit our location at 5762 E. Broadway Blvd. Tucson, AZ 85711, right next to See’s Candies!