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Wedding Bands – What to Know

August 30, 2021
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We talk an awful lot about engagement rings on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog, and for good reason! But there’s another ring that deserves its time in the sun. This time on the blog we’re talking wedding bands, and no we don’t mean your cousin’s Cheap Trick cover band! We mean the rings that are exchanged on the big day. In fact, maybe that’s the first thing we should discuss,  how these rings are different from the engagement ring.

Difference Between Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

First let’s clear the differences between an engagement ring and a wedding band.

Engagement Ring

  • Given at the proposal
  • Typically only worn by the wife
  • Heavily adorned

Wedding Band

  • Exchanged at the ceremony
  • Worn by both parties
  • Can be plain or adorned

And honestly, that’s just about it for differences! They are both rings made of precious metals, potentially featuring diamonds and other gemstones – the real difference comes down to whether it’s exchanged at the proposal as a symbol of engagement, or at the wedding as the symbol of lifelong commitment. Both types of rings are symbols of eternal love.

Wedding Band Basics

Wedding bands are available in a number of different styles, metals, colors, and stones. You can be as fancy, or as plain, as you prefer – there’s no right or wrong way to go about it!

Before you start tracking down your perfect wedding band, consider one key thing!

To Match, or Not to Match

This is probably the number one thought that goes into wedding bands, do you as a couple want to have matching rings? Do you want them to match the engagement ring? Traditionally the two bands are meant to match but if there’s one thing we know here at Stewart Kuper Jewelers it’s that traditions change. More and more it’s becoming popular for the rings to fit the individual as opposed to matching as a pair. Perhaps a person works with their hands all day and would prefer a ring made of a more durable, scratch resistant metal as opposed to someone who likes the look of yellow gold.

If you don’t want to match that’s okay, allow yourselves that. The sooner you agree on that consideration, the sooner you can start looking at the various options to find the perfect ring.

A Wedding Set?

A popular way to shop for an engagement ring and a wedding band at the same time is to look at a wedding set. These are designed pairs, engagement and wedding rings that fit together in a precise way to enhance the overall visual appeal of both. A wedding set is greater than the sum of its parts!

Wedding Band Metals

Like all rings, wedding bands can be made from a number of different precious metals including yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, palladium, platinum, or more. Each has their own pros and cons list as well as cost associated with them!  Yellow gold are probably the most practical rings to wear and repair but they can be soft depending on the karat. When it comes to white metals, platinum is a commonly used metal, though it’s the most expensive due to its rarity. Platinum wedding bands are hypoallergenic which make them a great choice for someone who has skin sensitivities

Wedding Band Diamonds and Stones

Don’t want a plain wedding band, that’s no problem! Wedding bands can be set with all the same types of stones as an engagement ring, and of course, diamonds are the most popular option.

And before we go any further here, yes men can have stones in their wedding band too! Like all jewelry, it’s about you. If you want a diamond ring, you should have one!

When it comes to stones, personal taste is key. White diamonds may be the most popular, but you can find a wedding band with other stones too. If you like the look of rubies or sapphires, go for it!

Here at Stewart Kuper Jewelers we offer men’s and women’s wedding bands, in addition to engagement rings. Scroll through our galleries and you’ll get an idea of the differences in styling for men and women.

With all those considerations and possibilities floating through your mind it might be difficult for you to narrow down what exactly you’re interested in – after all, for most folks this is their first time choosing a ring like this. Work with an experienced jeweler, like Stewart Kuper, to help you find your way through the process. We provide you with an exclusive, one on one appointment for you to view all sorts of different options, ask any potential questions you may have and get the answers you’re searching for! We’ve been in business for many years and we value each and every one of our customers and the time they spend with us searching for their perfect wedding band.

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