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White Gold – What to Know

September 16, 2021
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This time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog we’re talking specifically just about white gold. It is a very popular option for folks looking to buy jewelry that is just a little bit different than the conventional. Without further ado let’s dive into white gold – what to know!

What is White Gold?

White gold is an alloy, a mix of yellow gold and other metals that makes the gold more durable, and turns it to a white color. The exact breakdown is about 75% gold and 25% nickel, zinc, silver, or palladium.

Is White Gold More Affordable?

In some situations, no. White gold is a more durable alloy so if all other things are considered equal the white gold ring will likely cost you more than a yellow gold one. Sometimes rhodium is used to really give the white gold a white look and that can be more expensive as well.

Does White Gold Require Maintenance?

In order to maintain the white gold color, white gold jewelry can require a bit more TLC than it’s yellow gold kin. Deep cleanings should of course be performed by professionals! But there are some things you can do to help keep your white gold looking its best.

Soak the jewelry in a mix of mild soap and warm water for 20 to 30 minutes. If the piece is exceptionally dirty you can add a few small drops of ammonia to the mix. You don’t want to soak your jewelry in anything that’s abrasive, you want to avoid scratching the piece as much as possible. Take it out and then rub it with a soft cloth to remove any dirt or build up. Avoid rubbing in such a way that creates friction. Then rinse with lukewarm water to get any excess soap off it. Dry with a clean soft towel.

So How Durable is White Gold Then?

Makes sense this would be your next question! After all, we talked about white gold being a more durable material than yellow gold (hence the expense) but then we just told you a bunch of warnings to keep you from scratching your jewelry. So just how durable is it? It’s more durable than yellow gold yes but it’s not as durable as a strong metal like platinum for instance. Further, the higher the karat, the less durable the gold will be as it becomes softer the more pure it is. That said, so long as it’s properly maintained, worn, and cleaned it will keep its shine for years!

Speaking of Karats…

Wondering about the karat potential for white gold? White gold is available in 14 and 18 karats.

Why Choose White Gold for Your Next Piece

With all that in mind, why should you make white gold your next purchase? White gold is the choice to make when you’re looking for luxury, durability, but relative affordability. White gold pairs well next to other platinum jewelry and diamond pieces. And for the majority of people white gold isn’t particularly hard to maintain. 

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