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Why Selling Gold Jewelry Makes Sense (And Cents)

August 7, 2021
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Selling gold jewelry can be a difficult hurdle for some people to overcome, even if the pieces are going unworn and unloved. Some worry that they’re not getting a fair value, others worry that perhaps these pieces might get used in the future, or they don’t know if the market is right for it. We get it. This time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog we’re talking about why selling gold jewelry makes sense and can make you cents too!

Why You Should Sell Your Unloved Gold Jewelry

Gold Has a High Value

The price of gold does fluctuate based on a few different market factors, but gold is always valuable. Compare it to other precious metals that are even rarer and you see how gold’s value is nice. As of the writing of this piece an ounce of gold is valued at ~$1,802. An ounce of platinum meanwhile is coming in at just ~$1,086. Gold is almost double the value and yet platinum is a much rarer metal!

The bottom line: your gold jewelry has value and will have it when you sell it. But it won’t if…

Gold Stored, Has No Value

… if the gold is sitting stored in a drawer collecting dust it doesn’t have any value, either monetarily or to you! Don’t let the thought that gold will increase in value over time make you hold on to it for years either, the price of gold is steadily rising but not rapidly enough to make it worthwhile to hold on to, far in the future. 

Tips to Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Now that you know why you should sell your unwanted gold jewelry, here are some tips to help the process go as smoothly as possible.

Know the Karats

Gold jewelry has a number stamped on it to tell anyone looking how many karats it is.. Ten karats and higher is what is necessary for gold jewelry to be called that. The higher the number the more gold is in the piece of jewelry and the more money you’re bound to get for selling it.

Know the Piece

Some jewelry is worth more to jewelers as is. Vintage and designer pieces are valuable to jewelers whereas other jewelry might just be melted down to be repurposed.

Know What to Expect

Don’t weigh your piece of jewelry and expect that weight in gold because that’s not how it works. There is a value to the gold in the piece, and a jeweler can’t offer you that full price. At Stewart Kuper Jewelers we give you the best price you can find, because we want everyone to be happy.

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