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Fashion Rules: How Jewelry Can Make or Break Your Look Using the 8 Point System

March 31, 2022
Helix House

Have you ever watched someone walk by who looked like they had their whole life together; exuding confidence and grace? This person was probably sporting an effortlessly cohesive outfit, with a perfect balance between accessories and clothing. This may seem difficult to obtain, especially if you’re not a self-proclaimed fashion guru. And those of you in possession of fine jewelry may sometimes find it hard to wear the pieces in a way that pays homage to their beauty. But styling your pieces in a stunning way is much easier than you may think, and we’re here to show you just how to do so. And while we understand that a lot of fashion rules were made to be broken, there are some that just make sense, one of those being the 8 point system. 

What is the 8 Point System?

The 8 point system is an easy way to ensure an outfit is not too underwhelming or too overwhelming. And while you don’t necessarily have to follow this fashion rule to look put together, it’s a good trick to have up your sleeve if you’re having one of those days where nothing in your closet is cutting it. 

The 8 point system assigns a point to each element of your outfit. Simple pieces in basic colors and styles are 1 point each; ornate pieces in bright patterns or colors, or elevated styles are considered 2 points. For example, a simple t-shirt, neutral-colored pants, and small diamond stud earrings would be 1 point each. A brightly patterned dress or a larger statement necklace would be considered 2 points each.

A balanced outfit is typically worth between 6-8 points. In general, an outfit below 5 could be considered underwhelming and boring, while an outfit above 8 could be seen as overwhelming or outrageous. If you’re looking to appear classy and put-together, the 8 point system is a great tool for you to consider. 

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How Does this Fashion Rule Apply to Fine Jewelry?

Being the owner of a piece of fine jewelry is a wonderful thing; this jewelry most likely represents someone you love or a milestone in your life, all while being stunningly bright and lustrous. Here’s how the 8 point rule applies to your fine jewelry pieces. 

Wedding Rings

Well, it’s mostly up to you if you count your wedding ring in the 8 point rule or not. A case can be made for both. On one hand, your wedding ring is something you almost never take off; it becomes a part of you and therefore does not have to be counted. However, if you have a large diamond or brightly colored stone as your ring, you may want to count it as at least 1 point in order not to overwhelm it with multiple extravagant accessories. 

Fine Jewelry Earrings: Studs

Stud diamond earrings are a classic piece; they are understated, beautiful, and go with almost anything you may wear. We recommend giving stud diamond earrings 1 point, as they add a lovely bit of shine to your appearance. 

With stud earrings, you can add a slightly bigger or brighter necklace for 2 points to create a balanced effect. Or, keep all the jewelry simple and include a more lavish shirt, pants, hat, or shoes.

Fine Jewelry Earrings: Statement 

Statement fine jewelry earrings are larger than studs and dangle below the ear lobe. They are often eye- catching and reflect the light. Assign these earrings 2 points, and keep the rest of the jewelry simple to truly let the earrings have their moment. 

Fashion rules say that a pop of color can complement statement earrings well, but try to stay away from loud prints, as this can take away from the glamor of the earrings. 

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Fine Jewelry Necklaces: Simple

A simple necklace usually consists of a singular small chain, sometimes completed with a small precious stone. Necklaces like this should be assigned 1 point, and can handle being paired with 2 point clothing items or accessories.

Fine Jewelry Necklaces: Statement 

A statement necklace is a bold fashion statement, and the attention should stay on it to make the statement worthwhile. Pair a necklace like this with neutral tones or simple clothing styles to keep an outfit beautifully balanced. Your eye is automatically drawn to a vivacious necklace; confusing it with complicated patterns will create a look that is not cohesive. 

Using the 8 point system is a great way to create cohesive, well put-together outfits, and allows you to showcase your favorite jewelry pieces easily!

Thank you for reading! We at Stewart Kuper Jewelers love all things diamonds, and hope learning about the 8 point fashion rule system helps you to style your fine jewelry pieces beautifully. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!