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Shopping for Children – Jewelry for Boys

October 31, 2019
Helix House

Last time we talked about the traditional birthstones for October (opal and tourmaline for those who missed it!) and we are going to stay in that same vein of gift giving here. Let’s say, hypothetically you have a son, a nephew, a godson whose birthday is coming up and you have decided to get them something to treasure, but what does jewelry for boys look like? It’s a common enough thought, so this time on the Stewart Kuper Jewelers blog we are looking at the styles and what to look for in buying jewelry for boys.

For whatever reason, many people traditionally think of jewelry as a more feminine accessory. Maybe it’s because of what people commonly think jewelry is, maybe they think it’s too flashy. Whatever the reason – it’s wrong! Jewelry can be so many different things, even customized completely, to be a perfect fit. Let’s talk about some of the best considerations for jewelry for kids in general, let alone boys.

Safety and Security

Kids love to run, to play, and generally horse about. With that in mind, think about something that won’t fall off or get damaged easily. If you’re looking at earrings for instance, getting a set with a screw back can make them less likely to fall off (or be accidentally swallowed depending on the age). Necklaces meanwhile shouldn’t be too long or risk getting entangled.


Jewelry is always a meaningful gesture, but there are things you can do to make it even more precious. Perhaps take them with you to pick out the piece just for them. Talk about proper care and handling of their treasure – and that’s what it will be to them! If the piece itself has more meaning than a simple band, it will be that much more precious to them.


Depending on the age of the person in question, choosing something sensible might be the biggest factor to consider. Find something that fits their lifestyle! If they are outdoors or helping in the garage, you might want to get a piece that won’t get snagged on something.

Look Towards Mens’ Styles

For styles that are more masculine, take a look at our blog on classic jewelry for men. While they might not be interested in lapel pins, the advice there will still be plenty useful for boys. Men’s jewelry trends to the more simple and classic, so it goes with everything.

Simple chains in gold or silver, rings, bracelets (without charms or pendants usually), these are the kind of pieces that are classic. 

But you don’t have to be classic. If you know your loved one would rock a bracelet with a charm, or if their style has never been what one would call ‘simple,’ there is nothing stopping them from wearing jewelry that fits their style!

When it comes to buying jewelry for boys, or any child really, the big things to think about are the security of the piece, the safety of the child, and if it will be as memorable for them as you hope. Past that, the styles, there is no hard or fast rule for style. Everyone is an individual and so it really takes time and care to choose the right gift. That’s where jewelers like us here at Stewart Kuper come in handy! 

As an appointment only jeweler, we get to focus all our attention on helping our client pick out the best piece of jewelry, whatever the occasion! If you are in the Tucson area and need help finding the perfect piece, give us a call and schedule an appointment! We love to help our community share and celebrate moments.