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Happy Holidays and 2021 Retrospective from Stewart Kuper Jewelers

December 22, 2021
Helix House

2021 has been quite the year! We moved from one stage of a global pandemic, vaccines began to roll out and decrease the burden, a new president took office and through it all millions of people have fallen in love, gotten engaged, exchanged wedding vows, and celebrated anniversaries.

It’s been a wild year, as they all seem to be, full of ups and downs, challenges and novel solutions but also so full of love.  As we wrap up 2021 and look to 2022 on the horizon, let’s take a step back and talk about all the topics we’ve covered this year on the blog! 

2021 Retrospective with Stewart Kuper Jewelers!

January – For New Beginnings and Local Love

We kicked off 2021 by talking about how to elope in Tucson, and why you should turn to local jewelers for your engagement (and all) needs. Then we took a sidestep into the price of gold, looking at how it’s measured, how it fluctuates, and other details important to our customers who are looking to sell unwanted gold jewelry.

February – Wedding Rings and Valentine’s Day

February rolled in and with it came a couple new blog topics! We talked about men’s wedding rings and what people needed to know about shopping for their sweetie for Valentine’s Day Jewelry.

March and April – Selling Silver and More

In March and April we looked more at selling precious metals and jewelry. Talking first about how and where to sell silver jewelry, then about how to know (or learn) how much your jewelry is worth. In the middle of the two we also had a fun blog about how gold forms, the answer may surprise you!

May, June, July – Summer Engagements

May, June, and July were all about engagements! We answered FAQs about engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, and how to pick an engagement ring. With the ring covered it was time to talk all about proposals! We had a How To Propose step by step guide, a how NOT to propose guide, and how to plan a wedding!

August – Selling Gold, It’s Current Price, and Wedding Bands

August had a blog on what to know about wedding bands but other than that the month was focused on the current price of gold, and why selling gold makes sense. Gold is an incredibly valuable metal and that ‘current’ price of gold blog is already out of date when it comes to the price, but it has a lot of other points worth considering in understanding the price of gold and how it fluctuates.

September – White Gold and Celebrating Love

September started off with a blog looking closely at white gold and what you should know about it. With that knowledge in hand we then moved on to anniversary ideas to celebrate your love, did white gold feature into yours?

October – Selling Jewelry and Finding Unique Pieces

At the beginning of October we looked at selling gold jewelry during the holidays, a popular time to offload unwanted pieces to fund other gift giving! In the spirit of gift giving, gave our rundown of how to find unique pieces.

The Holidays

And with October behind us we entered the holidays! The busy buying season for folks looking for great gift options. In November and December we covered black diamonds (no not the skiing slopes!) and gave our thanks to all of you in our community!

And that’s just the last year of the blog! We have years worth of content to answer any and all questions you might have, and if by some miracle you don’t find what you’re looking for? Well we’re just a call away! We’ll see you all in 2022!

From our family to yours, 

Happy Holidays!